Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fat Loss Insights

1) Excessive cardio may work for some, but it is not the most efficient way to burn fat. It burns fat and muscle and makes you hungry= not an efficient strategy for fat loss.
2) Nutrition not exercise will be what delivers the result. The idea is to use exercise to maintain muscle and proper diet to burn the fat.
3) Doing weight training that is fast paced and rest-based will give you both the muscle building stimulus and fat burning effect and saves on time
4) There is no magic supplement you need or that will make it so you don't need to change your diet
5) What is your stress reducing strategy? Leisure walking can be done without limit and does not make you hungry and lowers stress hormone production. If you must do cardio, do this.
6) If you are not ready to make a meaningful, consistent change to the way you approach food then you simply will not be successful period.
7) If you are still counting calories as your primary method of body change, that is likely your problem right there.

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