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Holidays are upon us so here are some holiday fit tips from Cindy Hom Training … read and enjoy!

As we enter the holiday season, many of us stress out about gaining excess weight. With a little planning that does not have to be the case. The biggest question that most people ask themselves is, “How am I going to stay focused on my fitness through the holiday season”. It’s understandable with all the extra temptation to cheat on your diet, the time spent doing fun family activities, shopping and even just the stress of the holiday season will put weight on you.  So how do we combat this huge problem during the most festive of times?
Here are some tips I have compiled to assist to stay on track during the holiday season to stay productive in sticking with your fitness and fat-loss goals.
1.     Smart snacking.  If you graze and snack on a little here and there all day, you will not build up that chance to be overly hungry.  Eating small snacks/meals throughout the day is more beneficial for your metabolism.  Instead of eating only 2-3 big meals a day, try having 5 smaller meals throughout the day. Instead of snacking on baked sweets switch to a natural sweet; snack on fruit to manage that sweet tooth. Snack before going to a holiday party to avoid overeating.
2.     Eat more vegetables with your meal.  Instead of loading up the potatoes and stuffing, choose to have more vegetables instead with your turkey.  On a calorie basis, you are better of eating a larger serving of veggies than you are a starchy carb like potatoes, rice, stuffing, or bread.
3.    Drink lots of water. The cool weather has a tendency to dehydrate and sometimes hunger pains can be a result of insufficient fluid intake. Water is a great appetite suppressant and if you are constantly sipping all day, you will not find yourself starving.
4.    Make yourself a goal to do something active each day. By continuing to do even moderate exercise it will increase your endorphin levels, keeping away holiday blues which in turn will keep you from eating out of boredom.  
Take a pre-dinner walk with the family or the dog. Go to the park, watch the kids play ball.
If you are really motivated, go for a jog/run before dinner or later in the evening.
Aim to exercise 20 minutes a day instead of an hour. You'll be sure to get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day without feeling disappointed if you do not complete an hour.
Being active will not only help burn off more calories than sitting in front of the tube, it will also keep you from being in "eating" mode from the kitchen aromas.
As any personal trainer or nutritionist would tell you, the key to seeing results with any diet is exercise.
5.     Limit your alcohol consumption. If you’re a social drinker during the rest of the year, just maintain your pace. Also when drink at anytime it is recommended to drink two glasses of water per alcoholic drink.
6.     Demonstrate portion control and moderation. Allow yourself to indulge a little here and there, but limit your portions. Eat until satisfied not until full. By practicing portion control you will not only feel better about your choice but you will feel better physically.
Don't try to lose weight or stick to a restrictive diet this holiday season. If you enjoy your favorite foods in small portions, you'll feel more satisfied. Trying to stay away from certain foods may leave you feeling deprived, which may cause you to eat more than you intended to. Don't skip dessert, just moderate it. Have a smaller sliver of pie.
The holidays are not a time to feel deprived. They are meant to be happy times, spending time with friends and family.
7.     Understand that being healthy is a lifestyle, not a Wish: If you want to make real changes you need to take it seriously. It takes a combination of physical activity, nutrition, proper sleep, and stress management. These things don’t have to consume your life for you to be healthy, but you need to make positive changes in multiple areas of your life in order to see positive changes in your body and mind.
Decide today that you want to make the best out of this holiday season. Don't wait until January 1st to set your New Year's Resolution; set it today.
By doing small things to maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle will surely make a huge difference in your life and especially over the holidays.
Life is meant to be enjoyed. Counting each and every calorie during this time is not too enjoyable.

It is only one day and one day will not ruin your progress if you are indeed motivated to stick with your fitness routine. If you are dedicated to being in shape, one day will not ruin your results. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Counting each and every calorie during this time is not too enjoyable.

Set your goals and enjoy the season. Happy Holidays!

Yours In Health,
Cindy Hom Training
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Owner of APEXWellness

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